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Seth Rollins to ‘cruiserweight’ Conor McGregor: ‘I’m a full size human being... come step into our ring and see what you got’

For now, UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor’s stopped talking about pro wrestling. Instead, he’s focusing on promoting his non-title fight this Saturday (Aug. 20) against Nick Diaz at UFC 202 by throwing beverages around in a scene which would be mocked if WWE tried it (and, in fairness, Diaz & McGregor’s antics have been mocked and judged plenty).

Currently, it’s WWE which is working to keep the story alive in the mainstream media. And Seth Rollins did just that during his appearance on ESPN SportsCenter this morning.

Asked about Conor’s various rants about WWE guys being “p*ssies” and “messed up in the head”, Rollins laughed and gave an answer that managed to work in a plug for Raw!

If he was serious about it, guy’s 5’6”, 145 or whatever he walks around at, I don’t know, but you can see me here, I’m a full-size human being, so if he wants to come around and try to slap the face off me or whatever insult he’s got for the day, by all means, come step into our ring and see what you got.

The two-time WWE champ sticks to what seems to be one of the new company lines - the Irishman is using a pro graps trick and working fanswith his recent comments. Which means Seth thinks McGregor would be a great pro wrestler. With one condition:

I think he’d make a fantastic cruiserweight. You know we’ve got a new cruiserweight division coming to Raw were the guys have to be 205 pounds or less, so he could fit right into there. If he wants to come into the ring with the heavyweights, he might need to eat some pizzas and drink a few more gallons of milk.

Check it out here:

The man contending to become the first ever WWE Universal champ also did some more traditional promotion for Sunday’s show:

Overall - however you feel about the Conor stuff at this point - it’s a good reminder of why Seth is “The Man” for Vince McMahon and WWE. He hits all the talking points in a natural way and comes across as likeable without completely negating his on-screen character.

Win or lose on Sunday, he’s not going anywhere.

As to the ongoing “Conor vs. the wrestling world” beef? We’ll see how much that continues after everyone’s done selling their shows this weekend.

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