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TNA spoilers (Sept. 8 - Sept. 28): An original says goodbye (maybe), more Hardy Compound fights, Bound for Glory card set

James Storm Instagram

In all this crazy pre-SummerSlam hype, we kind of lost track of old TNA. With their reportedly paying everybody on time and having one of the hottest gimmicks in the business on their roster, their Impact tapings at Universal Studios kind of flew under the radar this week. Hell, their most controversial announcement so far - a new title which is contested under MMA-inspired, shoot fight rules - is actually an improvement over what it replaces - just another belt created to honor Jeff Jarrett’s triumphant return to TNA.

Dixie Carter & Billy Corgan’s promotion reportedly took it all the way home to their October 2 pay-per-view (PPV) Bound for Glory last night in Orlando. So let’s catch-up!

Taped Aug. 11

(apologies, I missed this when I did the last spoiler report - and it now seems pretty important - credit to TNAAsylum):

James Storm comes to the ring and calls for referee Brian Hebner, saying somebody screwed up in last week’s title match because he had Lashley pinned. Billy Corgan comes out to try and calm Storm down, noting that the referee’s decision is final. Storm says the fans want a rematch and so does he, so he’d better get one or he’s likely to think there’s a conspiracy against him in the company. Corgan tells him this all breaks down to wins and losses, and Storm lost, so maybe it’s just about Storm not being able to win the big one.

Storm pulls out a hammer and threatens Corgan, then threatens to destroy the ring as security runs out. He cuts a promo about how he’s still here after guys like AJ and Roode left, because he believes in TNA. Storm then attacks a security guard, and tells Corgan he’ll ‘smash his pumpkin’ if they ever cross paths again, and Corgan suspends him indefinitely.

Taped Aug. 15

- Xplosion matches: Robbie E def. Andrew Everett; Basile Baraka def. Marshe Rockett; Eddie Edwards def. Baron Dax

- One Night Only pay-per-view (PPV) matches: Jade & Grado def. Eli Drake & Sienna; Mike Bennett def. Braxton Sutter

- Matt Hardy def. Crazzy Steve. The clown reveals the match was a distraction so Rosemary & Abyss could raid the Compound and steal King Maxel.

- Lashley cuts a promo and is interrupted by Grado. The champ lays him out, but Moose appears and Lashley retreats. Moose wants a match tonight!

- Aron Rex (fka Damien Sandow) def. Trevor Lee in a Grand title tournament match

- Knockouts champ Maria Kanellis has a mic, and she uses it to go after the fans and Allie. She starts to mock Gail Kim, but is cut off by Dixie. The Chairman says Maria can’t be in charge of the division and the champ at the same time, so she announces a Gauntlet match to determine the new #1 contender, and puts Kim in the match.

- Eddie Edwards def. Mahabali Shera in a Grand title tournament match

- Broken Matt promo time, and he references a battle with Decay at the Compound, so they must be filming there again to edit into the episodes before they air. He says he’ll delete the tag champs, which brings them out. The segment ends with Matt, Jeff & Reby brawling with Crazzy Steve, Abyss & Rosemary.

- Gail wins the KO gauntlet over Sienna, Jade, Marti Belle, Raquel and Laurel Van Ness (who is the former Chelsea Green, placed in the match because Maria ordered Allie to stay out of it).

- Moose is back and wants a piece of Lashley. The champ shows up but issues a challenge for Bound for Glory. Bennett shows up to attack his old associate, and Ethan Carter III runs in to stop Miracle.

Taped Aug. 17

- One Night Only pay-per-view (PPV) match: Tyrus def. Trevor Lee

- Drew Galloway def. Eddie Edwards via judge’s decision in a second round match in the Grand title tourney

- Aron Rex def. Eli Drake in a second round match in the Grand title tourney

- Talking segment ends with EC3 & Moose brawling with Lashley & Bennett to set up a episode main event

- DJ Z def. Trevor Lee to retain his X-Division title

- Another Hardys/Decay segment

- Maria wins a squash to retain her KO title

- Maria faced a masked wrestler in another match, and of course it was Gail Kim under the hood. Sienna tried to take out Kim, but the #1 contender fought her off.

- EC3 & Moose def. Lashley & Bennett

- Billy Corgan announces Lethal Lockdown for “next week”. Lashley & EC3 are the team leaders, and the winner gets to pick the stipulation for their BFG match.

- Xplosion match: Jesse Godderz def. Marshe Rockett

- One Night Only pay-per-view (PPV) matches: Gail Kim def. Laurel Van Ness; Lashley def. Bram; Moose def. Eli Drake; EC3 def. Matt Hardy

- Lethal Lockdown teams announced as Lashley/Bennett/Galloway/Maria vs. Carter/Moose/Rex/Kim

- DJ Z def. Eddie Edwards to retain his X-Division title; both were attacked by Shane Helms’ team after

- Laurel Van Ness def. Madison Rayne

- Rex & Galloway have a promo battle, as they will face each other in the Grand championship final at the PPV. Segment ends with Drew laying out Aron.

- Reby Sky def. Rosemary via DQ after she was hit with Red Mist and put through a table.

- Team Lashley wins Lethal Lockdown when the champ chokes out EC3. He announces their BFG match will be No Holds Barred

- One Night Only pay-per-view (PPV) matches: Jade def. Sienna & Marti Belle; Andrew Everett def. Mark Andrews; James Storm def. Bram

- Xplosion matches: Braxton Sutter def. Basile Baraka; Baron Dax def. Marshe Rockett.

The other big story making the rounds from Wednesday’s filming is that James Storm followed up that earlier angle with a promo saying his TNA contract was up and he was done with the company. He also teased he tagging with an “old friend” again soon, seemingly teasing a return to NXT where his Beer Money partner Bobby Roode just landed.

General consensus seems to be this is a work, as TNA probably wouldn’t give him a mic to tease a return to WWE, but it was on a ONO and not Impact (where he’s kayfabe suspended) - who knows?

Stay tuned...

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