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New video, details of fan who jumped into the ring on Aug. 15 WWE Raw

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Another angle of the latest case of a fan at a WWE show deciding to make himself part of the action (at last night, Aug. 15’s Raw in Corpus Christi, Texas) is making the rounds. From this angle, you can see the guy jump the rail, slide into the ring and immediately get in Seth Rollins’ face while he’s cutting his promo.

Rollins shoves the guy away to a corner of the ring where a security guard can take him down by the legs. Along with a referee, they get rid of the batting helmet he was wearing and drag him from the ring as Seth works the disturbance into his segment.

TMZ also has more details on the incident (including the guy’s name - click on through to them if you want to see if you know him, otherwise we don’t feel like he deserves any credit), including the fact that this genius bit the security guard who was restraining him after his stunt.

According to Corpus Christi police, no one was hurt, and the fan was arrested for assault and criminal trespass.

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