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Goldberg responds to Brock Lesnar’s WWE 2K17 promo

Bill Goldberg responded to Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar calling him out - within the context of the licensed video game they’re starring in, of course.

The WCW legend’s responses (one to the version which went on Facebook yesterday afternoon and was deleted - presumably because either WWE or 2K Studios, the partners behind WWE 2K17, wanted to wait until Raw; and again when it was released via Twitter in the evening while that show was on the air) can be read a few different ways...

One, of course, is that this is all just game talk, where both men will be playable characters (provided you pre-order to get Goldberg).

Another is, this is just Goldberg dismissing Lesnar & Heyman’s taunts.

A third is, this is the former NFL lineman saying Brock is dreaming if he thinks he could make Goldberg “next”, and wishing them luck if they step in the ring.

What’s your read?

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