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Fan rushes the ring during Raw in Corpus Christi, see Seth Rollins & security handle it like champs

In a move that may get lost in the controversial decision to debut Finn Bálor’s costumed persona on free television (and hopefully will, so as to not give too much attention to these dumb/dangerous fools who think this stuff is a good idea), a fan made his way into the ring during Seth Rollins’ promo on Raw tonight (Aug. 15).

The production crew managed to keep all but his black batting helmet off our screens, keeping the camera focused on Rollins as he watched security deal with the dummy.

Once he was sure the guy had been subdued, the Architect - who’d been in the middle of a promo about his SummerSlam opponent for the new Universal title - played it off, mocking both the intruder and Bálor by saying “is that the Demon King?” and letting loose with his trademark heel laugh.

And the dude was subdued, as this video shows him headlocked and hip tossed by a security:

Thanks to the actions of security, it doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt, and hopefully WWE will follow through on their promise to prosecute this fool as far as Texas law will let them.

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