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Let’s guess why Eva Marie won’t wrestle on SmackDown Live this week

One of the best storylines WWE currently has going is Eva Marie’s inability to wrestle her first match on SmackDown Live since being drafted to the blue brand back on July 19. For two weeks running, she’s been scheduled to wrestle Becky Lynch. And, for two weeks running, something has prevented her from doing so.

First, she suffered a leg injury jumping down from the middle rope. Then, she suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

So what’s going to happen to prevent her from wrestling this coming Tuesday night? Inspired by a comment right here on the site, let’s work out a list of potential reasons she won’t wrestle as planned, starting with said comment:

- She poses for a pic for a planted fan & the flash temporarily blinds her
- The boos are so loud she suffers temporary ear damage and is deemed unfit to continue
- Her personal assistant runs out to fix her make-up and they run out of time
- She shakes hands with a fan and catches his cold on the way to the ring

Please keep this going in the comments, Cagesiders.

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