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The Miz wants Tim Tebow in WWE: ‘He would be the greatest bad guy we’ve ever had’

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Alabama v Michigan State Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Miz was recently run through the ESPN car wash, which included an appearance on SportsNation. That meant making a connection between professional wrestling and pro sports via questions like “Current pro athlete you would most like to see in a WWE ring?”

His answer:

"I'm going to say the guy that basically is going to every sport right now: I want Tim Tebow to come to the WWE. Can you imagine? Think of our WWE fans with a guy like Tim Tebow. He would be booed -- he would be the greatest bad guy we've ever had. In the world, he is a good guy, he is so good, but in the WWE he would be bad. (He would be bad) because he's so good. The WWE Universe likes bad boys."

Tebow has made headlines recently because he’s attempting a career in baseball after washing out of the NFL. It’s unlikely he’ll ever make it the majors, and while there will always be broadcast opportunities available to him nothing beats athletics.

So why not make his way to a WWE ring someday?

Miz is right, of course. Tebow, simply because he is (apparently, because you can never really know) an actually good person, would be treated like the devil himself. For that alone, we can only hope one day he decides on what would surely be a last resort and maybe not even that.

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