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TNA Impact Ratings (Aug. 11, 2016): Ratings stagnant despite live episode, Sandow debut

TNA YouTube

The ratings are in for Impact this week and they did not see the bump the live episodes usually get. After dropping down to 317K viewers last week, this week they showed no improvement with just 315K viewers.

While the Olympics is stiff competition certainly, this was the episode that Impact could have rebounded. It was a live episode that featured not only a big title vs. title match between Bobby Lashley and James Storm, but also the debut of Damien Sandow, now Aron Rex. It’s certainly possible they would have seen a bump if they weren’t against the Olympics.

With nothing big advertised on the horizon, TNA will have to hope that viewership will return as the games in Rio die down.

Here are the viewership totals the past month:

  • This Week: 315K
  • August 4: 317K
  • July 28: 350K
  • July 21: 362K
  • July 12: 358K

You can read a recap and review of this week’s episode here.

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