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Rudo Radio Episode 57: You should be watching the Cruiserweight Classic

RAW isn’t keeping up with SmackDown, and if you aren’t watching the Cruiserweight Classic, you need to.

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Welcome to another episode of Rudo Radio! This week, we talk about the Cruiserweight Classic, and of course, the continuing rivalry between RAW and SmackDown. Spoiler: the blue brand was the stronger show for the second week in a row, in part due to nearly flawless two hours of wrestling.

SummerSlam could be a different story, as RAW is certainly promising compelling matches, but so far, SmackDown is the one making you want to tune in week after week, as we discuss at length.

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As for what’s in this episode...

0:00-2:30 - Oh, Hello
2:30-23:30 - Raw
23:30-44:30 - Smackdown Live
44:30 - 59:30 - CWC
59:30 - 1:01:30 - NXT
1:01:30 - 1:05:00 - What We Watched, What We’re Going To Watch
1:05:15 - 1:08:00 - Byeeeee

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