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I’m not sure, but I think Triple H just signed Cedric Alexander... I’m pretty positive I’m crying, though

WWE Universe on Twitter

For the second week in a row, pro wrestling brought tears to my eyes.

Last Wednesday, it was Tommaso Ciampa - in a moment where every kayfabe bone in my body was expecting a heel turn - sitting next to his friend & tag partner Johnny Gargano seconds after losing to him in round one of the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC) to share a hug and raise his hand in victory.

Moments ago, it was Cedric Alexander, physically and emotionally spent after coming up on the losing end of a fantastic performance opposite Kota Ibushi in round two of the CWC, being lifted up first by Full Sail’s chants of “PLEASE SIGN CEDRIC”:

And then by Triple H coming out to raise his hand and wink to the crowd as if to say, “I got you,” to Alexander, the Orlando crowd and all of us:

Vidence will have a more detailed breakdown of the match and the scene for you in a bit (it’s here!), and we’ll undoubtedly have more rumors and news about Cedric’s status (especially with a new Cruiserweight belt reportedly headed to Raw).

For now, I just want to say I love pro wrestling, and I’m grateful to both the men and women who keep bringing me opportunities to share stuff like this with others who feel the same way, and the folks with whom I get to share it.

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