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After all these years, Tajiri and William Regal are still wrestling’s best odd couple

I covered my love of Tajiri and his ongoing partnership with/bedeviling of William Regal at the start of the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC).

Let’s just say stuff like this doesn’t do anything to diminish the flame of that love:

Never mind that Tajiri is (in kayfabe) prepping for his second round match against Gran Metalik by giving non-consensual acupuncture to NXT’s General Manager - he’s a seasoned veteran and former Cruiserweight champ. He’s ready.

Instead, focus on how much joy he gets from (and how mortified Regal is by) the prank.

I love NXT for not focusing on WWE’s usual authority figure angles, but if someone wanted to fantasy book a way to have Tajiri forced onto his old tag partner as General Manager to his Commissioner so we can get more of these, I’ll allow it.

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