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Lucha Underground’s season three trailer is here, and there’s sword fighting and a ninja army (among other things)

The third season of El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground is coming at us a little bit sooner than we expected, so it’s fitting the trailer for the episodes which will begin airing on Sept. 7 would hit us out of the blue.

That’s exactly what happened this afternoon, as this two minutes of bat-$#!+ insanity landed in our laps, bringing with it an also-fitting plethora of teases to mull over:

  • Who joined Worldwide Underground?
  • Did Paul London take over the Menagerie from Knux?
  • Boy it’s great to see AR Fox & Sami Callihan... hope they survive until the first episode.
  • Of course Black Lotus has a ninja army.
  • Of course Daga engages in Final Fantasy-influenced swordplay.
  • Of course Kobra Moon has a giant golden snake throne.
  • When did Melissa Santos and Fenix start dating?
  • Are we about to learn why he’s Son of Havoc, or does his entire motorcycle club dress like that?
  • Why is everyone tipping their hats?

And of course, more substantial things like Dario Cueto’s meeting with Councilman Delgado’s boss, Vampiro ripping Prince Puma’s throat out and a suspicious lack of Pentagon Dark...

The good and bad news is - you’ve got less than 30 days to try and figure these puzzles out.

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