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Bandwagon-hopper Ric Flair has a new NFL team

On the one hand, good for Ric Flair. People - notably professional athletes - dig his act, and he’s able to use it to entertain and motivate. That’s very cool, and frankly preferable to watching him risk his health and further break his deal with Shawn Michaels by wrestling (or draw attention away from his daughter while kissing Becky Lynch).

On the other hand, having Naitch show up in your NFL locker room or practice field is kind of like hiring a magician for your kid’s birthday party at this point.

The WWE Hall of Famer has shown up for the San Francisco 49ers and the Indianapolis Colts in the past few years - with the former even getting him in hot water back in Flair Country. This week, in a move which will only further anger Carolina Panthers fans, he showed up to support his adopted hometown of Atlanta’s local squad, the Falcons, at training camp.

The day was apparently orchestrated by the team’s All-Pro wide receiver, Julio Jones:

And head coach Dan Quinn made the most of it, working Nature Boy highlights into the day’s film study. He told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Flair’s appearance really woke up the boys during the grind of getting ready for the NFL season in the August heat:

You could see the energy. He was talking with us and having some fun. It was great to have his support and to have him be a part of it today. You could tell that he’s a big fan and that we’re also big fans of his.

So ignore my snark, Naitch. Keep jet-flying and limousine-riding to NFL cities all over the country.

(I still like Sergio Brown’s version of the promo a little better, though).

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