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Jinder Mahal returns on Raw, beats old 3MB bandmate Heath Slater for a contract

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If you’ve been reading the numerous “potential spoiler” reports here at Cageside and all around the web, this wasn’t much of a surprise. WWE even started setting expectations on social media early in the night by teasing a reunion with an old faction mate...

That was the angle they ran, too, where Heath Slater (the hottest free agent in sports entertainment) brought his old bandmate Jinder Mahal out to take over the ring as “2MB”. General Manager Mick Foley emerged to tell them neither was signed to Raw, and that the brand had no room for them.

Mick relented a bit, and said they could have a match where the winner would be signed. Heath said there was no way the two good friends would stoop to Foley’s scheme, but while Slater was arguing, Mahal had the referee call for the bell.

One boot later, the 6’ 5” Indian-Canadian was signed to Raw.

Excited to have him back?

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