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Booker T to miss Raw pre-show following weekend hospitalization

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Looks like everything is alright now, but Booker T was hospitalized this weekend and as a result will miss the Raw pre-show broadcast tonight (Aug. 1).

These Instagram posts from his wife Sharmell reveal the WWE Hall of Famer was in the hospital yesterday and is now at home in Houston today:

Thanks for all the prayers and support! Booker is home and doing well

A photo posted by Sharmell Huffman (@realsharmell) on

No word on what lead the five-time WCW World Heavyweight champion to require in-patient treatment and at-home rest & recuperation, but Wrestling Inc speculates it may be related to this Tweet from Saturday, where he announced he’d no longer perform his famous Spinaroonie:

It doesn’t look like the Reality of Wrestling (RoW) head man had a booking on Saturday, so if the hospitalization was related to a Spinaroonie or any wrestling activity, it may have occurred during a training session at his RoW school.

Whatever happened, we’re glad he’s back home and send him our wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hope to hear a “shucky ducky quack quack” next Monday!

UPDATE: PWInsider says Booker underwent elbow surgery. They mention he discussed tearing his triceps doing a Spinaroonie during his Hall of Fame induction in 2013, but it’s not clear if this surgery is related to that or another injury.