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Raw vs. SmackDown Live: Which show included more wrestling (July 25 - 26)?

It’s a new era in WWE, and there is an ongoing competition between the Raw and SmackDown Live brands. To some extent both brands are pushing a message about focusing more on the wrestlers and creating new superstars. That begs the question: which brand allocates more of its television time to wrestling matches?

The way I will tackle this question is to strip away commercials from the equation. With commercials removed, Raw will probably include roughly 130 minutes of televised content each week while SmackDown Live produces something closer to 80 minutes of televised content with each broadcast. How much of that content is used for wrestling matches?

This design choice means that commercials breaks will be stripped away from the match times listed below. I will note how many commercial breaks were included in each match, if any, but that additional commercial time will not be part of the results here. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want fully accurate match times. I’m only interested in how much of the televised content was devoted to the wrestling matches for each brand.

Televised match times

Here is the amount of television time given to each match on the July 25th edition of Raw:

  • 13m 36s: Owens vs Rusev vs Cesaro vs Balor (2 commercial breaks)
  • 1m 19s: Nia Jax vs Britt Baker
  • 13m 53s: Reigns vs Jericho vs Zayn vs Sheamus (1 commercial break)
  • 3m 43s: Neville vs Curtis Axel
  • 13m 50s: Charlotte vs Sasha Banks (1 commercial break)
  • 1m 09s: Braun Strowman vs James Ellsworth
  • 1m 55s: Enzo and Cass vs The Shining Stars
  • 10m 00s: Reigns vs Balor (1 commercial break)

Here is the amount of television time given to each match on the July 26th edition of SmackDown Live:

  • 8m 55s: Battle Royal (1 commercial break)
  • 6m 48s: Natalya vs Becky Lynch (1 commercial break)
  • 4m 54s: The Miz vs Randy Orton
  • 9m 17s: Cena vs Wyatt vs Styles vs Ziggler vs Crews vs Corbin (2 commercial breaks)

Overall results

Raw included roughly 2h 11m 39s of televised content, and a total time of 59m 25s was spread across 8 different wrestling matches. That is 45.1% of the show.

SmackDown Live included 1h 22m 31s of televised content, and a total time of 29m 54s was spread across 4 different wrestling matches. That is 36.2% of the show.

So there you have it Cagesiders - Raw beat out SmackDown Live last week in the percentage of televised wrestling content.

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