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Former Women’s champ Victoria teasing... something... for SmackDown Live

Most of the rumors about past WWE Superstars returning for the “new era” has focused on male talent like the already confirmed Rhyno and Shelton Benjamin or still-unofficial names.

There are several women out there who could prove to be valuable additions to the Raw or especially greener SmackDown Live rosters - and one of them is stirring things up on Twitter, getting fans excited she’ll show up on Tuesday, Aug. 2 to do... something.

It seems to have started when a guy who bills himself as the “best friend of a lady who isn't to be messed with” Tweeted this:

Which prompted an emoji reply from Lisa Maria Varon, a.k.a. two-time WWE Women’s champion Victoria, a.k.a. five-time TNA Knockouts champ Tara:

Turns out that was all follow-up to some teasing by the Chicago native:

Is this just a circular tease designed to get her friend some Twitter attention? Varon isn’t telling, but she made a point of reTweeting a response to one specific fan theory about tomorrow night’s SmackDown Live:

The blue brand does lack a championship for the ladies to fight over, something SmackDown’s top female draft pick Becky Lynch is on record as advocating for as essential to moving women’s wrestling forward. Lita appeared at WrestleMania to present the title Sasha Banks currently holds over on Raw, so there’s precedent for bringing a past great back for an unveiling.

Or, the other idea floated by “austin” is a reunion with Natalya, who’s currently feuding with Becky and was an ally of Victoria just before she left WWE back in 2008.

A lot of intriguing possibilities for the restaurateur and wrestling fan, and not a lot of confirmation that anything is actually happening. Victoria’s hasn’t been a name floated in the numerous comeback reports, but if an appearance would be a one-off deal to introduce SmackDown’s women’s title, her name might not have been mentioned along with folks signing deals to make full-blown ring returns.

All we can do is speculate and fantasy book until a more concrete report comes out, or the show happens in Nashville tomorrow night.

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