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Seth Rollins played a scientist who threatened to superkick a storm in Sharknado 4

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While John Cena was handing out awards to teen faves and wearing a pant suit, another former WWE champion was over on SyFy threatening to superkick storms made out of aquatic predators who were threatening Mount Rushmore.

Yes, Seth Rollins had a supporting role in Sharknado 4, which premiered last night (July 31) on SmackDown’s former network home.

Playing a “super” physicist named Lopez (sound familiar?), Seth wielded a cannister filed with neon green “isotopes” to keep rock-hungry sharks from devouring the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt in South Dakota...

You know what? I just can’t. And I watch wrestling and read comic books.

Here’s a clip and a behind the scenes look, via Twitter:

Who watched? How was it?

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