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The Rock will be a guest on Taz's radio show to address their promo contest feud, because, of course

Just a couple days after being accused of "gimmick infringement" because a contest he’s running to promote the launch of his new YouTube channel is reminiscent of a weekly feature on Taz’s CBS Radio show, Dwayne Johnson will guest on that program this upcoming Monday, July 11, to address the "controversy".

This was always the likely endgame for Taz, who's both smart enough to know he doesn't have much claim to owning the idea of fans cutting wrestling promos and that calling the biggest movie star in the world out would get his show's name on a lot of people's lips.

Being able to promote an appearance by the headline of a hit Hollywood Summer comedy just before the second season of his HBO show drops - and with a little heat behind it - will heal all wounds for the Human Suplex Machine.

Not that he probably ever really doubted that outcome while doing business with an eternal good sport who will never pass up the opportunity to plug his many enterprises in the Great One:

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