The Final Deletion Easter Eggs and things you might have missed

Love it or hate it. We've likely had the chance to see the Hardy vs Hardy epic that was "The Final Deletion" by now. In my opinion, it's a masterpiece. It's been the best thing in wrestling in 2016 and I got more hyped for this match than I have for anything since probably Wrestlemania 30. And I wasn't disappointed.

Although you might think you've seen it all, there could be a few hidden gems and stuff you may not have noticed whilst you were captivated by Broken Matt and Brother Nero. Here are a few Easter eggs and fun things I've picked up on:

- So off the bat, the ring where Maxel's party is. That's the same warehouse where the original contract signing took place in the video that took the Internet by storm.

- In the background of Maxel's party, you'll see a present which on it reads "To Maxel. Love Momy and Dady". With Mommy and Daddy spelled wrong.

- Also in the background, there are several balloons that look like Mexican wrestlers. Take a look at the one closest to Matt's head. Looks a bit 'generic', don't you think?

- During the Drone scene, on the Drone POV shots the name "Vangaurd 1" is written. Shouldn't it be "Vanguard"? Another bit of a spelling error.

- On the Drone POV there's also text that lists Jeff's other attributes including "Selfish Traitor", "Miscreant" and "Likes to play the Guitar and Paint".

- The Drone lists Jeff's Finishing Maneuvers as "Swanton Bomb" and "Phony Twist of Fate".

- The Drone also gives us some of Jeff's known aliases including "Charismatic Enigma", "Willow", "Jimmy Jack Tompkins" and "Maksed Mountain". I'm beginning to wonder at this point whether all the spelling mistakes are on purpose.

- Vangaurd 1 manages to ring the doorbell. I'm not sure how this happens.

- You probably all saw this but during the hologram scene, Matt does a callback to his old "Version 1" gimmick by doing his three-fingered hand gesture.

- Matt's voice is also modulated in this scene. This is a callback to earlier in the feud when Matt pretended to be Willow and had a crazy high pitched voice to cover up his own.

- Whilst Jeff is chasing the drones away, you see an "R" in the background. You'll see this "R" again in the closing scenes when Matt and Jeff fight by the pile of dirt.

- There are a lot of instances where you can see another cameraman in shot. In one of the drone POVs you can see a cameraman in the distance. In the actual match during the fireworks scene, you can see about four cameraman all in the right corner, not doing the greatest job at avoiding detection. There's a few more examples of this too.

- Senor Benjamin is digging by the dirt area where the match ends, this is also where Matt gives him the gasoline. Talk about foreshadowing...

- The Referee is not wearing his safety belt while driving. Tsk Tsk.

- Bit of background on Antonio Stradivari. Wikipedia describes him as an "Italian luthier and a crafter of stringed instruments such as violins, cellos, guitars,violas and harps". He died in 1737. Matt Hardy was born in 1974. So unless Matt is a time traveler, I really don't see how Antonio was his "good friend".

- Not really an easter egg, but I love the church bell sound effect to start the match so much.

- I'm still trying to work out whether the Ladder they used in this match was gimmicked or not. It looked like a legit outdoor ladder and it didn't bend an awful lot when Jeff crashed into it.

- Dilapidated adjective (of a building or object) in a state of disrepair or ruin as a result of age or neglect. I'd argue that the boat wasn't that dilapidated as it took a fair amount of punishment and was an effective shield for Matt.

- In the final scenes you can see the sun coming up which suggests that either the match went on all night or it just took them that long to film it all. Probably all the costume changes.

- The flashback scenes are inter cut with photos from the Hardy Boys' past including when they won the TNA World Tag Team Titles. I think there's also a scene from the I Quit match earlier in the feud in there.

- Another probably obvious one but the candle that Reby gives Matt to ignite the gasoline was the same candle on Maxel's first birthday cake in the first scene. In that scene Matt says: "This candle will burn for eternity representing you [Maxel] and it will only be extinguished when Brother Nero has truly been deleted." Which is exactly what happens in the finish. Now that's foreshadowing!

- When Matt ignites the gasoline, he is actually on fire for about 2 seconds.

- Did you get an Undertaker vibe from the last shot? I think it was a callback to the Undertaker's Ministry gimmick where he set his symbol on fire on an episode of RAW. Taker also stood in front of the symbol when he was crucifying Steve Austin. Only in pro wrestling could you write a sentence like that.

And that's all the fun things I found tucked away in that seventeen minutes of brilliance. Find anything else? Let me know in the comments section.

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