The Final Deletion was fine, WWE... Don't try to go bigger

I am a big enough man to admit when I am wrong.

I first looked at the Brother Nero/Broken Matt feud believing with almost 100% conviction that I would hate it. That it would just be another nail in a creatively bankrupt company's coffin which I could draw up on my Historically Significant Disasters of Wrestling page.

But when I saw the promos of Broken Matt, I could feel the sides of my mouth twitch upwards. And then break into a full blown grin. And then laugh as I would witness Broken Matt playing various instruments whilst awaiting the arrival of his brother as if he was some sort of 21st Century Phantom of the Opera who could perform a sleeper hold.

The rational, wrestling analyst side of my brain wanted to hate this and pour it with scorn, while claiming it's this sort of gimmickry that is killing the business. But for every argument my rational brain made, I found myself thinking that I would have been poorer for having missed watching it.

Furthermore, I felt appreciative of the two men who (essentially) booked and worked this angle themselves- particularly Matt Hardy- who managed to make Jeff Hardy look like the sane one! Furthermore, and this is where he deserves real applause, he doesn't do a CM Punk and essentially let his charisma swamp Jeff Hardy in one foul swoop. His character is so over the top that Jeff can just be...Jeff. And so when he does make an appearance as Willow late in the Final Deletion match I actually marked out a bit because it was used so judiciously and sparingly.

There's so much more that I could praise in the match for getting right. I love the utmost seriousness that Broken Matt gives the feud while his wife Reby Sky seems to be kinda amusing him. I love the fact that they actually taped the referee driving to the Hardy's mansion (and how during the match Matt keeps on referring to the ref as "Official!"). I love the broken camera cuts. I love the fact that both brothers trusted each other to put the match over without announcers.

Most of all though, I love the fact that these two guys who have more than their share of scars from this industry were willing to put their reputations on the line in a risky feud that could have easily blown up in their face if it was done wrong. But instead they have given the company that they work for a chance to actually get bums in front of TV sets. For someone who has a mixed view of Jeff Hardy, and who believes that Matt was an underrated, but not great hand, this could be as much a part of their legacy as any WWE match.

And then I hear rumours of WWE trying to ape the match with the Wyatt Family and the New Day.

Ok, first of all, the Final Deletion match was the third in a three match feud. The reason it worked so well was it seemed like the logical way to end the feud. Second of all, the match was between two contestants. This is three on three. And Kevin often has trouble with the ol' overbooking shots. And what's worse is they are crapping all over a better story. The best thing about this feud so far is the interaction between Wyatt and Woods. Why would you rob a crowd of seeing that live?

Imagine when Kofi gets some separation from by giving a dropkick to Wyatt and starts crawling to a tag...the crowd is cheering him on, Big E and Xavier are waiting on the apron when Rowan and Strowman get around the side and run Big E into the barricade. Kofi tags Xavier when Bray does the spider walk towards the New Day's corner and stop Woods in his tracks while screaming "you know the truth, Xavier!" Woods tags Kofi back in and scarpers up the ramp while Kingston runs straight into a uranage and a Sister Abigail for the win. Or you could a swerve and have Kingston or Big E freak out on the New Day.

Imagine the reaction that any of those will get from the audience. More to the point, imagine the momentum the Wyatts could get after this.

Matt and Jeff weren't after momentum for themselves, they were trying to get attention to the product as a whole. With this rumoured 'compound match', WWE is essentially going to take two of the hottest acts it has...and not let the pay-per-view (PPV) crowd see them live. What's more, any momentum that either side will get out of the win will be hampered by the fact that it was a hot shot mess of a program, rather than the interesting slow burn that the New Day and the Wyatts seemed to be building to.

Bigger isn't always better. And it would be a shame if Vince was so petty that he was willing to risk the momentum of two of his hottest groups in a stupid act of one-upmanship.

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