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How to Talk to Your Children About #TheFinalDeletion

Dave Walsh takes a long, hard look at #TheFinalDeletion and how fans can learn to cope with the aftermath, including how to talk to their loved ones.

The deletion of Brother Nero.
The deletion of Brother Nero.

What, exactly is a deletion, and how do you broach a topic as sensitive and difficult as a deletion? That's the challenge.

Deletion (C) Google


Throughout history there have been a number of now-infamous deletions. What exactly is a deletion, you might ask yourself? The answer is far more complicated than one might think, shrouded in layers of mystery and subterfuge. On Tuesday night, July 5, 2016, there was a very public, much-talked about deletion aired on POP TV and we, as a people, need to find a way to overcome this assault on our senses and find a way to band together to make it through this. That is the only way that we’ll move past this, there’s simply no other choice.

A man, his legacy and his very essence was deleted by not only another human being, but his own flesh and blood. His brother. Historically, the relationship between brothers has always been a strained one, dating back to the tumultuous rivalry between Cain and Abel all the way to today, when we witnessed the culmination of years of contempt between Matthew Moore Hardy and Jeffrey Nero Hardy. There, whilst standing atop of an effigy to his career, to his achievements, hopes and dreams, Jeffrey Nero Hardy’s world was lit ablaze, his legacy reduced to smoldering ashes at his own deletion.

If unprepared, facing a deletion such as this one could be a jarring experience, especially for younger viewers who might not understand the minutiae of a deletion and what exactly they had just witnessed. In the blink of an eye the entire legacy of a man was gone, without a trace. Any remnant of his name is nothing more than an echo in the wind, residual wisps swept up by a cruel gust of force intent on negating his very existence. This was an emotional moment for everyone involved; to see a man, once a proud champion, simply become no more. Yet that is exactly what happened.

Do not candy coat what we witnessed, while it may seem uncouth to be forward and clear about such a deletion, we live in truly troubled times with only darker skies ahead. To lie about something as culturally impactful as a deletion such as this is a disservice to future generations, a veritable crime against humanity and common decency. Yes, there may be tears and yes, there may be confusion, but hold strong, keep a firm, steady hand while explaining to your loved ones about #TheFinalDeletion.

In the coming months and years there will be time to evaluate, to truly break down and study this deletion, to further examine each and every frame for the deep, sorrowful symbolism that drenched it, but now is not that time. For now we are living in the wake of this deletion, simply treading water until someone stronger than us can come along and fish us out of this thirsty sea and bring us back to reality.

So hold your loved ones close tonight and don’t be afraid to speak truths clear and true. It might seem like a mountainous task that lay before you, with the odds insurmountable, but if the deletion has taught us anything it is that we can persevere, that we can overcome and that we can work together to get through this and to find the light. Take heed, though, for the actions that we witnessed at the property line in Cameron, North Carolina will go down in history as perhaps the most famous of all the historical deletions and the day which Maxel Hardy would inherit a truly clean lineage, bathed in the cleansing citronella light, or so the story goes.

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