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WWE Raw ratings (July 4, 2016): Viewers down big for holiday show

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WWE had the unfortunate luck of having to run this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw on Independence Day. Because of that, viewers were down big from the week prior, falling from 3.09 million viewers last week to 2.66 million (for a 1.87 rating).

The hourly breakdown shows basically everyone who tuned in stuck around the whole way through:

Hour one: 2.66 million
Hour two: 2.67 million
Hour three: 2.64 million

There isn’t much to look into with these numbers, considering WWE knew it would take a big hit on the holiday. They’ll be ramping up promotion for the draft — and Battleground — next week, and viewership will likely return to normal levels. If the numbers are still down next week that would be cause for concern but there’s no reason to believe that will be the case.

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