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A rundown of every match on Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Dos

courtesy El Rey Network

Editor's note: Manolo and I tried to figure out what matches would happen on each of the three nights of Ultima Lucha, but other than confirming the 4 A Unique Opportunity semis of Texano vs. Son of Havoc and Cage vs. Mack would happen on night one, they're keeping the order under wraps. We'll check back in briefly over the next two weeks to help prepare you for nights two and three, but in the meantime, get everything you need to be ready for the whole extravaganza right here!

Ultima Lucha Dos is right around the corner. In the words of Dario Cueto, "I feel like a little kid waiting for the Christmas morning." Our homeboy, Dario Cueto, will give us four hours of action spread out over the next three weeks.

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network or buy season one and season two on iTunes. See if El Rey is available in your area. If you haven't been watching, now is a perfect time to jump aboard. Get caught up in a jiffy with the express explanation of each feud. Then tune in to Ultima Lucha Dos. You won't regret it.

4 a Unique Opportunity: Cage, Mack, Son of Havoc, and Texano

Set up: Four stars of varying importance had nothing booked heading into Ultima Lucha Dos. Lucky for them, Dario Cueto had an idea for a tournament with the winner's prize being one of Cueto's famous unique opportunities. Cueto has promised that the reward will be bigger than any other opportunity he has handed out in the past.

What to expect: Classic Lucha Underground action. Big men doing big man things. Big men doing little man things. The little man doing little man things better than the big men. And Texano is there too.

These four guys will go out to give it their all. One, to make an impression. Two, to win that unique opportunity.

Death Match: King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes

Set up: Catrina and King Cuerno had some backdoor dealings with the gist being Cuerno eliminating Fenix forever to take his Gift of the Gods title. Then Cuerno would refrain from cashing in to keep Mil upon his throne. Fenix proved tougher to destroy than Cuerno anticipated. That dissolved the agreement and drove a wedge of animosity between Cuerno and Catrina.

Fast forward to Mil Muertes losing a Graver Consequences casket match to Matanza. Cuerno snuck his way into the pallbearer section and took home Mil's dead body for his trophy room. While Cuerno was at the Temple, Catrina resurrected Mil to headbutt his way out of his glass case.

Mil returned to pummel Cuerno. That led to a singles match, which Cuerno shiftily won. Catrina demanded a rematch from Dario Cueto for Ultima Lucha Dos. Two words: Death Match. That aroused Cueto's desire for violence, and the match was set.

What to expect: Somebody might die. Seriously. Characters have been killed off in Lucha Underground. Mil Muertes has faced death twice, however, he is the man of 1,000 deaths. So, no pain, no gain.

This could be the best match of the show. It has the bad blood story and two performers capable of executing a memorable match. Cuerno is more methodical, while Mil is more blunt force. Add in death match violence and we could be in for something special.

Black Lotus vs El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Set up: Black Lotus was seeking to kill Matanza, whom she believed murdered her parents. El Dragon Azteca Sr. intercepted Black Lotus and gave her training. Eventually, Black Lotus grew impatient and went alone for revenge.

She was captured and placed in a cell across from Matanza. El Dragon Azteca Sr. attempted to rescue her. That is when Dario Cueto told Black Lotus the truth (?) that it was actually El Dragon Azteca Sr. who killed her parents. Death to Azteca Sr. by the hand of Black Lotus

Enter El Dragon Azteca Jr. in season two. He took over the mask and desires to avenge his mentor's death by killing Matanza. Little did he know that Matanza was not the dealer of death on that occasion. Dario Cueto informed Azteca Jr. that Black Lotus was the real killer, but Azteca Jr. isn't sure to believe Cueto.

The motives of the match are for Black Lotus to destroy Azteca Jr. and take his mask back to her tribe, while Azteca Jr. wants to punish her for what she did to Azteca Sr.

What to expect: I'm not really sure, since this will be Black Lotus' ring debut. El Dragon Azteca Jr. is a blast in the ring, but I'm not betting that he can turn this into something fantastic. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't actually fight. This feud is heavily based on backstage scenes, so that is where we might see the majority play out.

The Perfect Woman vs The Baddest Bitch: Taya vs Ivelisse

Set up: Both ladies have crossed paths frequently. Sometimes violence, intentional and unintentional, ensued. Dario Cueto decided it was time to find out who is the baddest bi... woman.

What to expect: What is the female equivalent of a hoss? Hossette? Not that these two are built like hosses, but the fight will most likely be a hossesque slobberknocker. There is an intense dislike between the two.

Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: Daga vs Killshot vs Mariposa vs Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs Night Claw vs Sexy Star vs Sinestro de la Muerte

Set up: Each participant, aside from Night Claw, did their job in earning an Aztec medallion by winning qualifying matches. Night Claw was gifted a medallion as a signing bonus from Dario Cueto. The winner gets the Gift of the Gods championship, which can be redeemed for a Lucha Underground championship bout with at least one week's notice to promote the fight. It is interesting to note that this is an elimination match and not just the normal Gift of the Gods seven person bout.

As far as feuds within the match, Mariposa and the Moth tortured Sexy Star, who got retribution later on. The Moth stole Killshot's dog tags. Killshot will be looking to clip those wings. Daga has an admirer in Kobra Moon, who may or may not have a role in interference on Daga's behalf.

What to expect: A quick-paced chaotic hodgepodge of maneuvers. The Gift of the Gods matches usually break down into people fighting all over the place. Expect at least one cool sequence of one by one flying maneuvers onto the mass of bodies outside the ring.

Trios Championship: Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans vs Fenix, Drago, Aerostar

Set up: Evans slayed Drago in a match. Drago became a distraction in a match between Evans and Black. Then the three were in the midst of a bathroom nunchuck fight when Aerostar returned from time travel to even the odds. Many weeks later, we were treated to a glorious nunchuck match, which was won by the dragon and the spaceman.

Mundo came into play by beating up Fenix in the locker room to take his spot of teaming with Evans and Black for a Trios title shot and eventual victory. The hilariously devious trio has been dubbed Worldwide Underground.

What to expect: Shredding. Aside from that, expect comedic hijinks from the extremely charismatic duo of Evans and Mundo, as well as high flying of the highest magnitude from all six participants. It should be fantastic and the most entertaining match from Ultima Lucha Dos.

The Prince vs El Rey: Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Set up: Rey Mysterio found Prince Puma fighting on the streets. He took him to get tutelage from Konnan. The rest was history as Prince Puma became the very first Lucha Underground champion. Rey would later join the fighting ranks in season two.

Entering a Trios championship tournament as a super team, alongside El Dragon Azteca Jr., proved successful. Kicks to the cojones proved to be their downfall in defeat to the Worldwide Underground.

With no direction for Ultima Lucha Dos, Prince Puma challenged the lucha libre legend Rey Mysterio. Puma has to know how good he really is, while Rey has to know if he is still the best. There has been major tension since the announcement. Both have been a wee bit respectfully disrespectful toward each other.

What to expect: A dream match that lives up to expectations. Prince Puma is one of the best wrestlers on the planet. Rey Mysterio isn't the athlete he once was, but he can still deliver in the ring. It will be interesting to see if any wickedness creeps into the match or if it remains purely competitive honor.

Lucha Underground Championship: The Monster Matanza Cueto vs Pentagon, Jr.

Set up: Pentagon threatened to break Dario Cueto's arm in an attempt to get a championship match with Dario's brother, Matanza. In an act of revenge, Matanza broke Pentagon's back after pinning Pentagon in the ring.

Pentagon recuperated in a joystick wheelchair and with tough love from his master Vampiro. Pentagon returned and broke the arm of Chavo Guerrero to take his spot in a 12-person championship eliminator tag match. Pentagon sealed the deal by winning Six to Survive. He has now vowed victory as well as bone breaking vengeance against both Cuetos.

What to expect: Broken bones. I'm not sure of whom, but somebody will be out of action for awhile. This match will probably be more story than wrestling. Add in a variety of suplexes, piledrivers, and foreign objects. Also, keep an eye out for Vampiro. I have a hard time believing Ian, Vampiro's alter-ego, will be present at commentary for this match.

While waiting for Ultima Lucha Dos, check out promos from Cage and Son of Havoc about 4 a Unique Opportunity. Also, watch the Trios champions Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, and PJ Black defend their titles against These Guys in an online exclusive match.


Which match are you looking forward to most? Which match will be the best? Which match will be the show stealer?

You can also see the predictions from some of the staff - here!

Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!

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