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Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Dos Predictions

The Lucha Underground season ending extravaganza, Ultima Lucha Dos, is close enough to taste. Four hours over three weeks is enough to make any Believer weak in the knees. We gathered the staff for predictions in an effort to curb our cravings and prevent random outbursts of, "Lucha! Lucha! Lucha!"

If you are new to the Lucha Underground scene, you can catch it Wednesdays at 8pm ET/PT on the El Rey Network or buy season one and season two on iTunes. See if El Rey is available in your area.

4 a Unique Opportunity: Cage, Mack, Son of Havoc, and Texano

Sean Rueter: Man, I don't even know if these dudes should be trying to win this given El Jefe's track record. Regardless, it should be a nice little spotlight for whoever wins to hang out in, so I'll take my stab using a combination of overthinking who LU might want to reward and who AAA might be pushing them to feature. Only one guy checks both boxes. Pick: Cage

Kyle Decker: Dario is being pretty vague about what this unique opportunity is. I may look forward to finding that out more than the match itself. Outside Cage, who had a monster showing earlier on this season, the rest of these guys have been rather directionless this season (with Son of Havoc finding himself solo when Angelico went down). It's possible this match will vault one of the three guys into something, but I think it'll be the Machine who earns himself a unique opportunity. Pick: Cage

Manolo Has Pizzazz: I'm feeling Mack. He's poised for a breakout moment. Plus, the beauty of the unique opportunities is that they don't have to go to the biggest stars. I'd love to see Mack get a title shot, tear the house down, then go back to where he works his way up again. Pick: Mack

Death Match: King Cuerno vs Mil Muertes

Sean: I should have more confidence in the dude with the stipulation right there in his name, but Mil's track record in another muerte-themed match gives me pause. But, hey, maybe he's due... and the hunter already got his moment when he posted Catrina's boy in his trophy room. Pick: Mil Muertes

Kyle: The deck is just too stacked against Cuerno here. He's fighting the beast in his own jungle. If anyone can pull it off, it is the master hunter, but I think Mil Muertes will stand tall after this one. Pick: Mil Muertes

Manolo: Poor King Cuerno. I fear for his life. Mil is going to bludgeon him. His only hope is if he can somehow destroy Catrina's stone, and I don't see that happening. Pick: Mil Muertes

The Prince vs El Rey: Prince Puma vs Rey Mysterio, Jr.

Sean: Backstage rumors are out the window, because Ricochet is definitely around for season three and there's no reason they'd start planning for a potential exit here. Should be a hell of a match, but I don't see a good night (or series of nights) for Dragon clan. Plus, LU generally uses legends to put over young guys, unlike some other televised promotions. Pick: Prince Puma

Kyle: I cannot wait for this match. This is one of the two matches I'm looking forward to most. I think the young gun with the slight new attitude is going to get the best of the veteran here, with him having more speed and a healthier body. Not that it'll be easy for him going against a man with so much experience. No matter what, this is a match where we're all winners. Pick: Prince Puma

Manolo: I think Rey Mysterio wins, but I'm torn on if he uses veteran savvy or a little bit of underhandedness after he realizes his best days are behind him. Pick: Rey Mysterio

Black Lotus vs El Dragon Azteca, Jr.

Sean: See previously referenced bad feeling for this tribe. They've also spent two years building Lotus backstage, I somehow doubt they have her lose her first big match. Pick: Black Lotus

Kyle: This is a tough one to call since we've never seen Black Lotus in the ring and really these two are both being manipulated by Dario. I wouldn't put it past Dario to come up with some evidence to convince Azteca that Lotus really did kill his master and then he puts it into hyperdrive to defeat the Temple new comer. While I think these two will end up back on the same side eventually, I'm going to go with the more experience LU luchador here. Pick: El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Manolo: I'm struggling to visualize how Black Lotus can compete with El Dragon Azteca Jr. She has some effective death punches. Just ask Azteca Sr. Oh wait, we can't. That and a couple of kicks are no match compared to Azteca Jr.'s spinning super DDT. Pick: Azteca Jr.

The Perfect Woman vs The Baddest Bitch: Taya vs Ivelisse

Sean: Time to pick some tecnicos. Doesn't hurt that Taya is a character who will be just fine with a loss here. Pick: Ivelisse

Kyle: I'm really pumped for this. These two women are going to tear the temple down during this match. I don't really have an inkling about who will win this match. I'm leaning towards Taya, who will be willing to cheat and has Johnny Mundo in her back pocket if she needs. Pick: Taya

Manolo: The toughest match to predict for me. Both are tough as nails and neither one has any quit. I'm going to pick Ivelisse, even though I'll be rooting for Taya. Ivelisse seems to have more weapons in her wrestling arsenal. Pick: Ivelisse

Gift of the Gods Elimination Match: Daga vs Killshot vs Mariposa vs Marty "The Moth" Martinez vs Night Claw vs Sexy Star vs Sinestro de la Muerte

Sean: Legitimately torn between two choices here, but in the end will go with paying off another investment from the past two years as opposed to going for the big surprise win for a new player. Pick: Sexy Star

Kyle: Most of the people in this match have scores to settle with others, which may distract from their focus. Marty and Killshot have unfinished business. As does Mariposa and Sexy Star. Meanwhile, Daga has to look over his shoulder with Kobra Moon stalking him. That doesn't leave many people completely focused on the prize. I think the new comer Night Claw, who fresher than the rest of the field that fought in the Temple this season, will make a splash during his debut. Pick: Night Claw

Manolo: Hard call. The siblings, Mariposa and the Moth, should have an advantage of teamwork, but they will also have the disadvantage of everyone hating them. I'm not choosing a rookie (Night Claw) to win such a huge match on his first night, even though I expect him to be super impressive. I think it will come down to Daga vs Killshot. Advantage Daga via Kobra Moon interference. They will celebrate their victory in some snaky sex cauldron. Daga will return for season three dressed like Serpentor. Pick: Daga

Trios Championship: Johnny Mundo, PJ Black, Jack Evans vs Fenix, Drago, Aerostar

Sean: One threesome has, like, a billion story possibilities. The other, while awesome, has the belts. I think the latter group keeps the championship until they get some more possible angles. Pick: Black, Evans & Mundo

Kyle: The Worldwide Underground (I believe that's what Striker has been calling them) has such sleazy chemistry together that I think Team True Blue Babyface isn't going to be able to keep up. Pick: Mundo, Black, & Evans

Manolo: This could depend on if Taya is ringside. Ivelisse might put too much pain on her in their match. Without Taya, it will come down to strategy. I expect the good guys to be wearing steel cups, while the better guys will have a plan against dragon mist. When it comes down to it, Johnny Mundo will have an ace up his sleeve. Pick: Worldwide Underground

Lucha Underground Championship: The Monster Matanza Cueto vs Pentagon, Jr.

Sean: After ending last year with the Cuetos fleeing their Temple like proverbial scalded perros, I think they stand tall to end season two. They've also shown a lot of confidence in Pentagon staying over without winning the big one. Pick: Matanza

Kyle: Matanza has cut a swath through the Temple, defeating the best of the best. He's defeated Fenix, Mil Muertes, Cage, and his challenger Pentagon. In fact, he's already broke Pentagon. Luckily for the man, his dark master Vampiro rebuilt him. A stronger Pentagon may be the only force that can stop Matanza at this point. With his master at ringside one way or anything, I feel that Ultima Lucha will represent a changing of the guard. Pick: Pentagon Jr.

Manolo: My judgment might be clouded on this one. I don't like Pentagon Jr. I say that in a fan favorite kind of way. I love having him on the screen, but I will not be rooting for that scoundrel. Plus, he threatened to break my homeboy's bones. That's not cool. I'm going to pick Matanza after Melissa Santos stabs Pentagon with a shank. Pick: Matanza

That's it from us. What are your predictions?

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