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TNA Impact Preview (July 5, 2016): The Final Deletion!

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TNA Impact is back tonight with the highly anticipated final match between Matt and Jeff Hardy. Other stuff will be happening too, but seriously... the Final Deletion! Here are our five questions about Impact tonight.

1) Will the Final Deletion match be everything we’ve ever wanted and more?

I’m going to just go with yes on this one right off the bat. I’ve already talked about how excited I am for this match. It’s going to be insane. The match has already been taped at the Hardy estate in Cameron, NC, so they are able to capture the essence of this feud and get as weird and wild as they want. Señor Benjamin has already prepared the battlefield for massacre so I’m going to assume it’s going to get nuts.

I’m legitimately curious if the viral nature of this feud is going to pop Impact’s ratings for this week. It’s possible so hopefully they can live up with the rest of the show.

2) Will Mike Bennett keep his title until Destination X?

Mike Bennett is X Division champion and his goal is to hold onto it until next week. That way, he can enact Option C where he can turn the title over for a chance to face Bobby Lashley for the TNA title, which is the prize he truly covets. Unfortunately, he’s likely going to have to defend it again tonight since in the Impact video preview, it was noted that Dixie Carter isn’t giving him the night off.

This would easily play into Bennett and his wife Maria Kanellis’ issues with TNA president Dixie Carter. He’ll likely have to defend his title tonight against one if not multiple men. Can he hold onto it to get that title match he desires?

3) Are EC3 and Drew Galloway still angry with each other?

Drew Galloway blames EC3 for not being champion after Carter accidentally hit him with a chair during his rematch with champ Bobby Lashley. EC3 could claim that he had Lashley beat in their triple threat title match last week until he took a kick to the head from Galloway. And that’s asides from the fact EC3 received an inadvertent kick from Drew earlier in the night.

The chances that these two are going to put their issues to bed are slim. There’s likely some issues needed to be worked out in the ring between these two. A match up between two of the company’s brightest stars could be a great one.

4) Is Raquel ready for her match?

Tonight, the BroMans and Raquel are going 3 on 3 against the Decay. That likely leaves the BroMans team at a disadvantage because Raquel hasn’t been in the wrestling business for more than a year. It was this time last year we were watching her as Gabi on WWE’s Tough Enough. There’s little chance she’s going to be able to go toe to toe with the experienced Rosemary.

This may leave Robbie and Jessie to carry the burden of the match. But that may serve them right after they spied on their partner changing the other week.

5) Seriously, how crazy is the Final Deletion match going to be?

Yeah, this is really all I can think about regarding Impact tonight. I mean Señor Benjamin set up the field for MASSACRE! Jeff is doing Swantons from the trees! Matt is trying to fry his brother with fireworks guns! The there’s fighting amongst flames!

In the words of the great Bart Scott, “Can’t wait!”

TNA Impact airs tonight on Pop TV at 9 EST. Who’s watching?

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