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Enzo Amore & Big Cass have John Cena’s back against The Club at Battleground

Sorry, Jimmy & Jey.

The Usos have been John Cena’s back-up in his feud against The Club on the house show circuit, but WWE is going with a hotter act to partner up with the Face That Runs the Place at Battleground.

After a promo battle which mirrored many of the previous wars of words between AJ Styles and Cena (except this one including Luke Gallows saying he was going to lick AJ’s face like a Bushwhacker and Karl Anderson talking about his “hot Asian wife”), the trio from New Japan charged the ring to put the boots to “the champ”.

Reinforcements arrived in the form of Enzo Amore & Big Cass.

The Realest Guys have some history with The Club - they were both a part of the Fatal 4Way tag title match at Money in the Bank. Other than that, this seems a little random.

It does accomplish a few things, though. It will help get a heel reaction on Styles & company, because nobody is boing Zo & Cass right now. Either of the newcomers can take a pin without hurting their credibility, allowing The Club to look stronger without beating Cena again.

And it’s also a placeholder match for a pay-per-view (PPV) which is being booked now but will happen after the roster split.

Seems like a good deal all around.

Unless you’re an Uso.

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