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Sasha Banks squashes beef between Apollo Crews & Big E

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on in pro wrestling over the holiday weekend here in the States, so folks had time to dig through Apollo Crews’ old Tweets.

It led to the former Dragon Gate USA standout losing his verified status on the social media service, while some of the old messages irked his fellow WWE Superstar, tag champ Big E and caused him to break out the Ron Weasley reaction shots:

Fortunately, as long as the other person involved isn’t Tom Phillips, E is a reasonable dude. And the locker room has a secret weapon against which all people, including Crews and the former Intercontinental champ, are powerless...


Yes, as I’ve been trying to tell you Becky Lynch-loving smarks for a while now, there ain’t nothing Sasha Banks can’t fix, make better or somehow improve.

All is takes is some tough love and a smile.

Now maybe she can Apollo his blue check mark back?

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