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Let’s watch Triple H suplex a fan in the 90s while Stone Cold narrates


These videos made the rounds last week and got folks talking, even though the incident in question occurred more than 15 years ago, and Steve Austin’s been telling the story for years.

But, who doesn’t want to watch Triple H suplex a fan who made the mistake of charging the ring while WWE (then WWF) was touring Germany in the late 90s? Plus, you get the bonus of a young Mike Chioda putting the boots to the guy while Hunter works his ground and pound.

Stone Cold’s recounting of the tale is every bit of as good as the video, because Austin is a great storyteller in and out of the ring:

It’s also interesting to consider the times. Stone Cold is adamant that he couldn’t help out because he was a babyface, and a good guy wouldn’t participate in the beating up of a fan.

In 2016, with what we know about the damage a single person can do in almost any kind of situation, and the continued pulling back of the kayfabe curtain, “shades of gray” booking and the like... would there be any hesitation by a face to get involved? Or would both guys bail and let security handle it?

Food for thought on a slow news day... and a way to pretend we don’t just want to watch Trips slam this a**hole over and over again.

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