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Jeff Hardy explains his ‘breakdown’ at Gathering of the Juggalos

Kenny Urban on Twitter

Writing himself new entrance music isn’t the only thing Jeff Hardy’s been in the news for over the past week. But that’s a lot more fun to think about than the viral fan video and live accounts of his behavior at the end of last weekend’s Bloodymania X show during the annual Gathering of the Juggalos festival.

In a feature about Bloodymania and Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW) for Complex Sports, Jeff explained the incident, described by one fan as a “trainwreck moment”. According to the now-deleted Hardy Boy, it was the next phase of his ongoing angle with his brother Matt and not a relapse or any of the other understandable fan concerns/theories which emerged after the video hit the web last Saturday.

I finished the match with a [frustrated] breakdown where I’m trying to break a ladder, break tables… Many people hadn’t seen that, so naturally people are wondering ‘what the Hell is wrong with Jeff Hardy? Oh my God, he’s off the wagon!’ And this-and-that. It was nothing like that.

One aspect of the incident which particularly raised eyebrows had Jeff carrying a cardboard cut-out of Arnold Schwarzenegger around while he paid tribute to the WWE Hall of Famer as if he was deceased. Apparently, it was actually of retired CMLL & WCW star El Dandy. The reason Hardy carried it up a ladder and pointed toward the sky, he says, is because he thought it was of a different Latino wrestler - one who has passed away and with whom he worked in WWE:

It was a El Dandy cutout and I thought it was Eddie Guerrero and I feel so stupid now. Just knowing [Guerrero] back in the day…real tight, real good friends. Plus, my eyesight’s going. Somebody said something about it being Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I thought, if that was Arnold, I need to go to the hospital right now, holy s–t!

His behavior can be explained as the kayfabe breakdown of an “Obselete Mule”, but Jeff cops to some scary stuff happening with him at Bloodymania which did require a trip to the hospital. The man renowned for being a daredevil in the ring and outside it said he was dealing with random shakes and difficulty turning his head.

I had a CT scan done Tuesday and they came back normal, thank God. I’m having a hard time turning my head, but I’m a lot better. I’m not tremoring anymore. That’s why they sent me to get a CT scan because when I tried to turn my head, I would shake, and he was worried it might be a brain issue or a concussion or something worse. Anyway, thank God the doctor called me back and said ‘Well, I hate to tell you this, but you’re pretty much normal.’

So, it seems like there’s an explanation for everything which does fit with the current Broken Matt/Brother Nero program.

At the same time, this kind of publicity on a story which involves seeking treatment for “random tremors” probably isn’t going to impress WWE brass and help make his dreams of a WrestleMania retirement match happen.

What’s your take, Cagesiders?

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