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Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts would return to WWE because ‘lord knows wrestling needs some help right now’

Jake Roberts

When asked about wanting to go back to WWE, in any capacity, Jake “The Snake” Roberts told DC 101 the following:

"I have so many things I want to do, so many things. When I'm sober and clean and my mind's working, I'm happy and energetic and I know I can fix this and do that. What do you choose? I don't know. But, if the WWE did call me, yeah, I'd be right back in there, man, because I love wrestling and the lord knows wrestling needs some help right now."

Whether or not pro wrestling needs some help right now is up for debate but there’s no questioning Roberts’ credentials. Whether or not he’s worth bringing in as a coach/trainer at the WWE Performance Center is something the company has no doubt considered at one time or another.

There are certainly a few stars, even on the main roster, who could benefit from learning a thing or two about how to cut a promo.


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