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Growing up, Enzo Amore didn’t watch wrestling, he watched Shawn Michaels

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Corey Graves’ WWE Network show, Superstar Ink, features another mega-popular star of the “New Era” this week in Enzo Amore.

The New Jersey motormouth is heavily tattooed, which makes him an ideal guest for the show which gets the stories behind wrestlers’ body art.

A number of Zo’s tats tie-in to his gift of gab and his Garden State roots, several others to his amateur football career and being a hip-hop head. But he does have one inspired by a lifelong love of WWE. There’s a heart embedded in the piece on his right upper-arm and, well, I’ll let the Smacktalker Skywalker explain:

I was a little kid, I used to say to my mom “I want to watch Shawn Michaels, can you put Shawn Michaels on TV.” I was so inspired by him as a child, as being a smaller guy in the ring with these giants - colossal men - and holding his own and taking a licking, never say die attitude. I just idolized him as a child.

And I went ahead and I got the Shawn Michaels heart tattooed on me when I was about 16, and I filled it in with the D-X color way, about a year ago.

Check out a clip of the NXT alums convo here:

How u doing, HBK?

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