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Let’s blame moms and kids for Roman Reigns’ push

In a recent Facebook Live Q&A session, which seems to have been yanked by WWE, Joey Styles, who works for the company website, was asked about Roman Reigns being shoved down our throats as the top babyface. His response (via With Spandex):

“Bottom line is, if our chairman thinks he sees a future star as a babyface, that’s how things are gonna play out … But the answer is Vince thinks it can work. He’s been right much, much, much, much, much more than wrong over the course of the last 40 years. I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna second-guess the chairman. ... That’s part of it: Moms are the ones who bring kids to shows. Kids like Roman Reigns. Moms like Roman Reigns. That’s the reason. Just because some people boo him doesn’t mean everyone doesn’t like him.”

Well, if moms and kids like him...

It’s certainly a valid point Styles is making. The reality of the situation is the most vocal contingent of any WWE crowd is the one most willing to boo Reigns in an effort to disrupt his push. You aren’t hearing moms and children boo when Roman’s music hits — there’s bass in those boos.

You know who’s doing it.

The question is if that makes the complaint any less valid. It may not matter anymore, or at least not for the time being, as Reigns was pinned by Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw this past week and lost out on a shot at Seth Rollins and the newly created Universal championship at SummerSlam next month in Brooklyn.

Sorry, moms and kids.

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