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Vince McMahon credits NXT for the WWE brand split

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If you were wondering why WWE decided on doing another brand split, Vince McMahon answered that question during a conference call today for the company’s second quarter earnings report. That’s right, folks, blame Triple H (and his baby, NXT)!

PW Torch has it:

Asked what the rationale was for going back to a brand split, McMahon replied, “We have a plethora of talent from Paul Levesque’s influence on NXT.”

McMahon said when you have too much talent, you can’t exploit it. So, the option is to take the talent and develop two distinct brands.

McMahon said they did it before with success until they “ran out of talent.” He said now WWE “won’t run out of talent with the Performance Center.”

There’s also a hope that the split will help in other important areas of business, like the big one, the WWE Network. But, really, this was all made possible by the fact that Triple H took the developmental promotion and turned it into its own brand, with big help from said Network giving it an hour of television to 1.5 million paid subscribers each week.

So while we likely won’t ever get the shock value of something like a Scott Hall showing up on a Monday Nitro again, it still feels fantastic when Bayley shows up as a surprise at Battleground and gets the biggest pop of the evening. They aren’t just getting talent ready for the main roster, they’re creating bonafide stars and giving them room to grow everywhere, be it SmackDown or Raw.

Thanks, Trips!

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