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Rudo Radio Episode 55: WWE’s New Era is here. No, really!

New rosters, new shows, new opportunities. The New Era actually seems to be new!

Finn Balor enters the ring on his first-ever episode of RAW Original photo:

Rudo Radio is back, and on a new day! With SmackDown going live on Tuesdays and getting its own rosters and stories with the WWE draft, it only made sense to bump Rudo Radio one day in the week so that we could talk to you about both RAW and the blue brand.

We also have some format changes with this new shift, as WWE’s eventual addition of brand-exclusive pay-per-views meant we had to move on from previewing and reviewing every match and segment at every pay-per-view and show. Instead, we’ll be talking about our favorite and least favorite parts of it all, plus a conversation on what’s on our minds from the week in wrestling and beyond. This will alleviate the risk of a whole lot of episode sameness.

You can rate, review, and subscribe to us on iTunes — in fact, we’d really appreciate it. You can also leave us questions to answer in next week’s episode in the comments here at Cageside Seats, or by tweeting at either Nick Bond (@THEN1CKSTER) or myself (@Marc_Normandin).

As for what’s in this episode... wait there are no timestamps this week what? Okay, okay, stay with me, we can get through this: We talked Battleground high and low points, and broke down the differences between RAW and SmackDown from their old versions as well as each other. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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