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Late Late Show host James Corden’s parents wear unicorn horns, blow Francesca II during visit to Raw in London

Pretty sure that headline is self-explanatory, but in case you're still not clear what you're getting into if you push play on the above video...

The Late Late Show on CBS and its host, James Corden, are most famous for their "Carpool Karaoke" bits, but they also play around in the time-honored talk show tradition of sending Corden's entertaining parents into new and interesting situations (shout out to Dave's Mom). As you may recall from WWE's last trip to the United Kingdom, Ma & Pa Corden took in Raw at the O2 Arena.

This is a video of what they got up to backstage and before the show.

Big Show is his charming self, Sheamus tries to steal Mrs. Corden away... but the real fun begins when they run into tag champs The New Day. First, there's a bit of friction as the new team of "M & M Mayhem" announces their intention to run roughshod over WWE's tag scene. But then, they put dicks unicorn horns on their heads and skip to the ring, and positivity wins the day.


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