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More veterans reportedly signed for WWE returns

Seems the returns we learned about during the July 26 SmackDown Live were only the beginning - but were indicative of the star power we should be expecting in these long-rumored comebacks.

No knock on Shelton Benjamin or Rhyno, but the initial reports included names like Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy & Goldberg who were always a few matches higher up the card than the Gold Standard or the Man-Beast. And the next group of talent PWInsider is saying they’ve confirmed is of that same tier.

Both have been the subject of rumors and reports over the past few week. Jinder Mahal, whose name came up last week, is signed and headed to Raw, per Mike Johnson, who also reiterates the Brian Myers/Curt Hawkins deal he reported along with Rhyno’s return is inked and the former tag champ will be on SmackDown Live shortly.

Other names PWInsider says they’ve heard are negotiating include MVP (who continues to refute rumors he’s coming back), Carlito, Melina, Tommy Dreamer & Stevie Richards.

Excited for a more experienced mid-card?

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