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WWE Raw ratings (July 25, 2016): Viewers up for the start of ‘New Era’

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Fans tuned in to see this “new era” WWE was promising on Raw.

July 25’s three hour broadcast, the first Monday night since last week’s brand-split draft, drew 3.338 million viewers - up more than 200,000 from the previous Raw’s 3.133 million.

Hour-by-hour, the show saw the usual drops, but even it’s lowest viewership at 10PM Eastern was better than the best from July 18’s breakdown, and demonstrated staying power against the biggest speakers (Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders) from the night’s biggest competition, the Democratic National Convention:

Hour one: 3.412 million
Hour two: 3.35 million
Hour three: 3.254 million

It will be very interesting to see if WWE can use the glowing reviews last night’s show received from most critics, news outlets & fans to build momentum and grow viewership in the coming weeks.

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