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Jeff Hardy wants to retire in a Hell in a Cell match with Undertaker at WrestleMania

Jeff Hardy

While he’s currently deleted and maybe scaring some people at independent shows because of it, Jeff Hardy has at least been thinking about his pro wrestling exit plan. His idea, as he told LA Weekly, is to retire in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania against Undertaker.

The finish he came up with:

"Man, I want to Swanton off the top of the cell, onto the commentary table. Then, I want to climb the cell, cut the fucking cage, when 'Taker's back in the ring, and Swanton through the cage, miss, and then Tombstone 1-2-3."

It’s certainly possible — downright likely, even — that Hardy finds his way back to WWE before calling it a career. It’s far less likely that he’ll ever work another match with Undertaker, and the least likely that said match would be at a WrestleMania. It would make a sort of poetic sense in that Hardy became a made man as a singles wrestler thanks to a ladder match with “The Deadman” on an episode of Monday Night Raw many years ago, but don’t hold your breath for it.

Sorry, Brother Nero.

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