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Nia Jax debuts on Raw in an honest-to-goodness squash

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Coming off a big win by the first NXT Superstar selected to Raw last week, another of the wrestlers promoted by the brand split draft debuted.

Nia Jax’s entrance had an interesting touch, as the camera zoomed in on her eyes at the start and then again while she was walking down the ramp.

The other noteworthy element of the Samoan ex-model’s first outing on the main roster was her opponent. Her opponent, a woman Michael Cole identified during their brief match as Britt Baker, received no introduction. She also didn’t get any offense in - generally being mauled by her larger opponent and then subjected to not one, but two applications of Jax’s finisher, a Leg Drop.

Looks like the rumors the “new era” would bring back enhancement talent and squash matches were correct.

What do you think of that? How did Nia do in her debut?

Let us know, Cagesiders.

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