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Charlotte thinks women will main event a WWE PPV ‘in the next couple months’

Charlotte on Twitter

Interesting quote from the Women’s champ from an interview she gave the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Justin LaBar ahead of tonight’s Raw. Asked about the trajectory for the women of WWE, Charlotte pointed to the strides they’ve made over the last year and a milestone she thinks they’ll hit very soon:

We’ve had contract signings for Raw which was huge. We were one of the main events for WrestleMania with the triple threat. I have no doubt in the next couple months we’ll main event a pay-per-view.


Does the Nature Girl know something we don’t?

With brand-specific pay-per-view (PPV) coming - it looks like starting in September - the chances for something other than a men’s singles match closing out a Sunday night broadcast will increase. Is part of the plan for those to immediately present something radically different like a women’s main event?

Would putting a couple of ladies in that position be fair right now? The division is making strides, and having two matches with distinct stories get more than ten minutes each at Battleground is the latest example of those. But when Bayley and Sasha Banks finally closed a TakeOver, it was to pay off a feud with roots more than a year in the past, following up a show-stealing performance from the previous special. Should the first main roster match to get that spot have the same pedigree? Will skeptical fans embrace a bout that doesn’t feel that epic?

Or is Charlotte playing around with the term “main event” here, like WWE and other promotions do at times by advertising co-mains? She gives her Mania Triple Threat with Becky Lynch and Banks, which appeared in the middle of the show at AT&T Stadium, that kind of billing in her quote, so maybe that’s what she means?

A lot to chew on, and click through to see the whole brief chat for more on what Bayley’s debut meant to her and how she handles the influence her father’s legacy has on her career.

Do you see a women’s PPV main event in the future? How soon?

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