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Bayley says her appearance at Battleground was a 'one-time thing'

Battleground started with a pop for the ages, when Bayley made her main roster debut in Washington, D.C. as Sasha Banks mystery partner for her tag match against Charlotte & Dana Brooke.

Sounds like that memory is going to have to sustain all us Huggers, at least for a little while longer.

Sharp-eared listeners heard JBL say during the bout that his sources told him the NXT Superstar was in the pay-per-view (PPV) card as a personal favor to Sasha, and that it was a one-time only appearance. In the above video, you can hear Bayley say the same thing. She was obviously moved by her opportunity, the reaction she received and the win she helped her friend pick up over the WWE Women's titleholder. But she's back on the script we saw from her all last week - that her focus is on winning the NXT Women's championship back from Asuka.

Ever since the Bayley rumors gained steam with the reports earlier in the day on Sunday, fans started wondering which brand she'd be on, with speculation Raw's "skipped pick" would result in her landing on Monday nights.

For now, it sounds like she's staying on Wednesdays. But don't fret. WWE officials heard the reaction, and now what her merch sales figures are. She'll be on our screens from Raw or SmackDown Live very soon.

Then maybe The Boss & Hug Connection can make a run at the tag titles, as Sasha & Bayles hint at in their post-show interview.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

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