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WWE Battleground 2016 results: John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass beat up The Club

The seventh match from Battleground could be split in two, like the members of the trios who competed in it where in the brand split draft.

First, we had the Zo Show, co-starring Big Cass. Enzo Amore held court with a long promo hyping his squad and running down their opponents, The Club. He offered a lot of advice, and paraphrased his partner John Cena's famous catchphrase to shout out the home crowd, saying AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows wouldn't be able to "Washington, D.C. me".

Cass closed out the talking while Cena cheered them on. Then their rivals made their way to the ring, and the fight was on.

Things went well for the recent NXT call-ups at the start. Amore controlled the action against Styles, and when Cass got in, he used Zo as a weapon against the trio from New Japan. But eventually, they separated the Smacktalker Skywalker from his teammates and went to work on the smallest man in the bout.

An exciting sequence saw Amore dodge attacks by all three of his opponents on the floor, but Anderson (the legal man) cut off an attempt a tag at the last second. The Club's luck ran out a few seconds later, though, and Enzo made it to the corner to bring Cena into the match for the first time.

He and Styles went one-on-one, and Cena seemed to have things in hand, but AJ countered an Attitude Adjustment with a Pele Kick. A Styles Clash was broken up by Enzo, and then things got chaotic. Everyone took everyone else out, leading to a stretch where Amore hit Cena, who used him as a weapon before the Phenomenal One hit the Phenomenal Forearm on Gallows.

After connecting with an AA on the fallen AJ, Cena looked set to end it, but Anderson pulled him out and put him through the announce table with a Spinebuster. The Face That Runs the Place made it in to beat the referee's count, but ran into a Style Clash, but Cass made the save.

The next segment set the stage for an ongoing Enzo & Cass vs. The Club tag feud. Cass took a Magic Killer, and Zo tried to fight off Anderson & Gallows by himself. He couldn't get them both, but Cena returned to deal with Luke.

After that, there was a battle between the legal men, Cena and Styles, at the top of ropes. AJ tried to fight it off, but ended up taking an AA from up there. 1 - 2 - 3 later, and the new SmackDown Live stars each have a pinfall victory over the other.

For a running update of all the results and happenings in D.C. tonight, click here.

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