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WWE Battleground 2016 results: Xavier overcomes his fear, but it's not enough for New Day to beat the Wyatts

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Maybe it was their new cereal, the fact they're now the longest reigning WWE tag champs of all time or that they weren't split by the draft, but The New Day were their usual positive selves when they came out for their match against The Wyatt Family (who were separated between Raw and SmackDown Live) at Battleground tonight, July 2.

The bravado didn't last, at least for Xavier Woods, who volunteered to start the match but then was frozen by fear. Kofi Kingston tagged himself in and had a good start against Bray Wyatt, but a tag to Braun Strowman put him down and he was in trouble. The Family tagged in and out to work him over for the rest of the opening portion of the bout.

Kingston was able to dump Bray to the floor by pulling down the second rope, and Kofi made it to Big E for a tag. Trios insanity ensued, building to a moment where X stepped to Bray, who had Kingston in his clutches. He was hypnotized again, and allowed his partner to be taken down. But then he snapped, and went wild on the Eater of Worlds and all them men on his team.

Unfortunately, Bray's crab walk pose unnerved Woods again. Wyatt took advantage to hit Sister Abigail, and the Family got a win before going their separate ways.

For a running update of all the results and happenings in D.C. tonight, click here.

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