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It's True... Kurt Angle is the first celebrity judge of The Rock's YouTube promo contest

Now that the beef with Taz has been squashed, The Rock and his team are moving full speed ahead with the promo contest they're doing to generate buzz for his recently launched YouTube channel.

As you can see in the above video, the submissions are all over the place and whether you're looking for intensity or comedy, people slapping their asses or talking about other people's asses (hey, this is Rock-related... what did you expect?), it looks like Rock the Promo is going to have something for you.

Of particular interest to pro graps fans, The Great One promised to bring in wrestling "Megastar Judges", and he's off to a good start. Olympic gold medalist and TNA Hall of Famer Kurt Angle will be presiding over the first episode, which drops next Friday, July 29.

In addition to being a phenomenal amateur & professional wrestler, Angle was also pretty amazing on the microphone. Most of his highlight reel talking segments are comedy, but he could bring the heat when necessary, too, making him more than qualified to... make the call on an internet promo contest.

Which, probably doesn't really require a long list of credentials, but, hey. It should be fun!

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