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Bayley explains how she got her wrestling name, which she didn’t want at first


During her interview with Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk is Jericho:

"I gave like a list of names that I wanted to use and I tried using my indie name and they wouldn't let me use it. I was kind of thinking of... what's that word that it could be used as a male or female name? Yeah, so, I was trying to pick names like that. ... But I was throwing out names like Bobby or Jordan, something like that because I was like 'I don't want it to be super girly, like I don't want to be Patricia or something.' I don't know if that's girly but I was thinking of it, (like) Jennifer. Bailey was one of them and that was like the last one I wanted. I did not want that name.

"They gave me three choices and I forget what the other one was but one of them was Davia, which is not Davina, and I was like 'are you guys missing the 'n' or...?' They're like 'no, Davia.' I'm like 'that's not even a name.' ... I was like 'man, I guess I'll just go with Bayley.' ... It was with a 'i' and I was like 'okay, I'll choose this... because I was ready to send in another list of names because I was just not happy, I'm like 'okay, if I choose this one I have to spell it B-A-Y because I'm from the bay area' and I thought I was so cool. Yeah, it has to mean something to me. So then I went with that and now I love it."

How much does a name actually matter? There’s really no way to answer that question but can you imagine Bayley using any other name? Maybe it wouldn’t have made a difference if she was “Jordan” or even if they went with “Davia” but I think it’s safe to say we’re all much better off with the choice she ultimately made.

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