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Sasha Banks is not going to help you figure out who her mystery partner is at Battleground

TheKindred on Twitter

Mystery partner fever is sweeping the internet again, with a little added oomph this time because everybody hopes/fears Sasha Bank’s teammate against Charlotte & Dana Brooke this Sunday at Battleground will be her former rival for the NXT Women’s championship, Bayley.

WWE is either downplaying hopes it will be the Hugger, or swerving us away from the fact that it is Bayles, depending on who you talk to about this article. A video they released today of the former champ and several other NXT women talking about the Draft takes the same tack.

For her part, The Boss isn’t trying to help - but she knows everyone is asking. Even an interview she did with which otherwise focuses on her cousin Snoop Dogg and how music influences her work starts off with the mystery partner question. But Sasha’s not telling. She’s more concerned with selling a future WWE Women’s title showdown than this tag match, anyway.

I get a lot of tweets. It could be Nikki Bella — I've been hearing a lot of rumors. It might be Bayley. The [WWE] Draft just happened and we just got a lot of new girls — Alexa Bliss, Carmella, Nia Jax. Could be one of them. You never know. The Boss doesn't need friends, but the ones I do have I keep very close. I finally get to get my hands on Charlotte, who has been running from me since day one. She's been hiding because she knows I'm better than her. After this Sunday, I'm going to prove to Charlotte that I deserve a one-on-one match with her.

A couple of things about that quote One, it’s probably not Nikki, unless she’s lying about just being cleared yesterday for training (and heading to Orlando). Two, it doesn’t sound like Banks is too concerned with brand affiliation when picking someone to work a match with three Raw Superstars.

Heck, Sasha’s not even worried about the gender or occupation of her partner, seeing how she’s on Twitter hinting she might be trying to recruit referee Danilo Anfibio - noted crush of not only The Boss, but also Bayley and Shinsuke Nakamura:

Think we’re just gonna have to wait for Battleground, Cagesiders.

Thanks to TheKindred on Twitter for our header image!

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