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WWE reportedly signs two veterans to stock brand split rosters (potential spoilers)

After news broke of WWE’s now-executed plans to split Raw and SmackDown into separate, distinct rosters, there were a flurry of rumors and reports about moves to re-stock the ranks with past stars and other name veterans to fill out the shows.

The draft came and went earlier this week without any such additions.

Per an exclusive report by PWInsider, two former WWE Superstars are being brought back soon. Mike Johnson’s story says the plans he heard call for the men to be placed on SmackDown, but he notes that could change.

Potential spoilers ahoy...

The wrestlers are Rhyno, who’s been an on-again off-again presence in NXT of late and showed up on the main roster last December for the Dudleyz feud with the Wyatt Family, and Brian Myers, who worked in WWE from the mid-aughts until 2014 as Curt Hawkins, including a prominent run as an “Edge-head” backing the then-World champ along with a pre-’Woo Woo Woo’ Zack Ryder.

They’re interesting depth additions. Rhyno still pops a crowd, and has proven at Full Sail he’s useful as at least upper mid-card enhancement talent. Myers/Hawkins was an entry-level carpenter toward the end of his WWE run, but fans who watched him on the independents (or shows like Superstars) know he’s a good worker. Putting him on SmackDown, where his old tag partner Ryder’s current teammate Mojo Rawley was drafted, could make for an interesting mid-card story, too.

Thoughts on these signings?

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