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Lucha Underground results, live blog (July 20, 2016): Ultima Lucha Dos - Part 3

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courtesy El Rey Network

Here's a place to check results and comment along with the SEASON FINALE of Lucha Underground as Ultima Lucha Dos wraps up with a two hour special in its regular Wednesday night at 8PM Eastern time slot on El Rey Network. This space is for you to rave and/or bitch about whatever goes down on the hottest new concept to hit pro wrestling in ages - during its initial broadcast!

El Rey is available via the cable and satellite providers list on their webpage here. If one of those is your hook-up and you can't find the channel on your box, reach out to them and ask for it. If you don't see your provider listed or you've cut the cord, you can find El Rey on the Sling streaming subscription service here and here. Or you can order the episodes on iTunes here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcast, but many Cagesiders don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

ANOTHER NOTE: Do not post links to pirate streams or other unlicensed means of watching the show. We all wish it was easier to get El Rey, and trust them when they tell us they're working on it. In the meantime, keep it legal while you're hanging at cSs.



They play a very thorough recap of this season.

Pentagon is kneeling before his master somewhere outside. Vampiro tells Pentagon says he must destroy the man who was broken by Mantanza to have remove all fear. Pentagon enters a cave. There are suddenly a bunch of other Pentagons in this cave. The lights flash and you can hear him fighting them. He needs to meditate a bit, but he's finally able to defeat the biggest Pentagon, who is Vampiro, who tells him he is ready. Vampiro then has Pentagon blow out a candle to allow "Pentagon Dark" to take his place.


Vampiro is back on commentary alongside Striker.

Worldwide Underground (PJ Black, Johnny Mundo, & Jack Evans) vs. Fenix/Aerostar/Drago for the Trios title

Team Technico has the control early on. They go to set up a 3 person dive out of the ring onto the heels but the ref stops them. (Striker explains it as the ref was tired of making to look the fool by the Underground.) The Super Friends are confused and Underground takes this moment to all run in and rush the challengers to take control.

This ref looks crooked because he allowed Evans do what looked like a headbutt to the balls of Fenix when he was set up in the corner. That or he's inept.

The Super Friends fight back with some sweet high flying and double team moves. Aerostar stands on Fenix's shoulders while Fenix is standing on the second rope and jumps to the floor onto two of the Underground! Johnny is isolated in the ring and all of the technicos hit their moves on him and they all cover him. Jack Evans pulls the ref out of the ring and tosses him down.

Without a ref, this breaks down. The Underground uses the titles are multiple members of the challenging team to take easy control. Then they play some air guitar on the trios titles (completely with sound effects) and then all hit Fenix with the titles. The toss the ref back in and he slowly counts the three but Fenix kicks out! The Underground is pissed and PJ black kicks the ref in the head!

These dudes are the sleaziest.

The heels continue to dominate with the ref down.

Wait, here's Angelico on crutches! He hits Mundo with the crutch and this allows the challenges to wake up! Angelico continues to wreck Mundo with the cruch. The Fenix takes Mundo and hits a Fenix Driver for the 1-2-3

Fenix, Aerostar, & Drago win the Trios Titles


El Dragon Azteca Jr vs. Black Lotus

This is very athletic match to start and Lotus looks really good. She has the control early on with Azteca taken by surprise. Dragon composes himself and a stiff toss of Lotus into the wall gives him the advantage.

Lotus isn't down for long as she's back on the advantage and gets a near fall on the masked man. However, Azteca gets advantage again and sets up a splash on the top rope onto the prone Azteca.

But here comes Pentagon Jr - with a new black outfit! He knocks El Dragon Azteca down and then sets up Lotus... and breaks her arm! He then hits a package piledriver on El Dragon Azteca as well and breaks his arm too! All the while Vampiro watches with delight.

The match ends in a no contest due to interference from Pentagon Jr

Pentagon is in the ring with a mic. He says that the Pentagon that stood here last year who just defeated his master thought he was strong but he was wrong. And the Monster Matanza proved that. But his teacher taught him to go to dark places in the universe. And together they faced their fears and became stronger. He says Pentagon Jr is dead. Now he is Pentagon Dark. The new Pentagon isn't afraid of anything and he will destroy the Monster Matanza Cueto.

And apparently the title match is now?

Pentagon Dark vs. Mantanza (c)  w/ Dario Cueto for the Lucha Underground Championship

Melissa announces that there must be a winner

Pentagon jumps the ropes and hits Matanza before the champ can even get into the ring. Dark then wraps a wire around Matanza's neck and starts choking him. The new Pentagon is dominating early on. In fact Matanza can't get any offense in at all. This is the Pentagon show.

The match finally makes its way into the ring after Pentagon owned the outside. In between the beatings, Pentagon tries for a couple of covers but the champ is able to kick out. Finally Matanza gets offense of note when he is able to reverse momentum and toss Pentagon into a chair set up in the corner.

This gives Matanza the chance to take control and he takes advantage. It doesn't last long as soon the men are face to face in the ring staring each other down and then trading blows.

Matanza looks for a suicide dive onto Pentagon, who is outside, but Pentagon hits him with a chair instead. The challenger hits a sunset slip piledriver on the champ. Then Vamp gets up and hands his student a barbed wire baseball bat. But before he can do it Dario runs in and pushes him off of his brother!

Pentagon Dark sets up Dario to break his arm, but the champ uses the baseball bat to nail Pentagon and hits the Wrath of the Gods for the 1-2-3.

Matanza def. Pentagon Dark to retain his LU championship

Vampiro gets in the ring to check on his student, but twice Pentagon shoves him away.


Vamp is back in the booth with Striker and Vamp is taking his pills again. He's clearly a bit distraught.

Taya vs. Ivelisse

Ivelisse comes out hot, controlling Taya in the early portion of the match. Taya gets the advantage after she trips Ivelisse up when she's on the ring apron. She then hits a DDT onto a chair set up outisde. But that doesn't keep Ivelisse down for long, who pulls the Canadian into the chairs herself.

The fight continues outside, with Taya in more control after Ivelisse mistimes a body block on from the crowd onto Taya that Taya is able to catch and reverse. They fight onto the ring desk. The knock each other into the stands. They basically kick the crap out of each other.

Back in the ring, Ivelisse has control. She hits a sunset flip into a cover when the lights go out... AND CATRINA APPEARS! She hits a dragon sleeper into a drop slam and the lights go back out again. Catrina is now watching from the trop of the temple as Taya hits her finish for the win.

Taya def. Ivelisse

The lights go out again and Catrina is on top of a laid out Ivelisse. Catrina tells her that death even comes for the baddest bitch and then delivers the kiss of death.


They play a video of Prince Puma's history narrated by Konnan (who sounds like it's when he was trying to sell him to Dario.)

Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Prince Puma

Match starts even, with both man landing on their feet when moves are delivered. Soon, Rey Mysterio gets some offense in until a modified lung blower to Rey gives Puma the advantage. Rey takes it back when he hits a huricanrana onto Puma on the floor that sends the younger man into the ring apron.

Back in the ring, this is a very crisp back and forth match, with all the moves looking sweet as hell. Rey hits a SICK reverse rana from the top rope after a bunch of posturing for position up there.

Rey gets Puma in the 619 position but Puma jumps out early and kicks Rey in the head. Rey falls in the ropes AND PUMA HITS A 619! He follows with a splash and covers... nearfall!

Puma is in clear control but he cannot put Rey away. He goes for the 630 but waits too long. Rey moves out of the way and then hits a rana into a pinfall but only gets two! They fight back and forth briefly but Prince finds himself in the 619 position again... but catches Rey! He goes for a slam but Rey reverses and for the third time, Puma found himself in the 619 position. Rey hits it this time and then hits a move from the top for the 1-2-3.

Rey Mysterio def. Prince Puma

The men embrace after the match. Puma goes to leave, but Rey pulls him back in and says "this is your ring. 323, baby." (323 is the Boyle Heights area code.) Mysterio leaves the ring with Puma in the middle.


Pentagon comes form the crowd, super kicks Striker and then beats up Vampiro... including with the barbed wire baseball bat! He rubs it against Vamp's head, cutting him open! He then beats up Vampiro with broken pieces of the announce table and the barbed wire bat!


Pentagon picks up the mic and tells Vamp he's no longer his master. Now he's the master instead. And he wants everyone to see Vamp humiliated by Pentagon. He then continues kicking Vamp, pushing the bat into his face, and licking his blood.

We see the police arresting Dario, putting him in the back of a police van! He looks up... and slowly starts the smile as the show fades to black!


That's the season, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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