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Cody Rhodes to guest star on Arrow Season Five

Who needs WWE?

Cody Rhodes is proving he doesn’t need it to continue his pro wrestling career, and now it looks like he won’t need it to continue his feud from 2015 and last August’s SummerSlam, either.

Stardust’s nemesis, star of The CW’s Arrow and Cody’s fundraising partner Stephen Amell announced one place we’ll be able to see more Oliver Queen vs. Rhodes action:

With an assist from Mrs. Rhodes, fka WWE’s Eden, Amell announced the move at the Heroes & Villains FanFest in New Jersey earlier today:

No word yet on Cody’s role - will he join Team Arrow or threaten Starling City? - but the part, which Amell says Rhodes had to audition for and was just found out he’d won yesterday, is part of the ambitious plans the former Intercontinental champion laid out when he explained why he was parting ways with WWE.

He’s taking the new challenge seriously:

Excited to see Cody battle, or maybe team-up with, Amell once again?

I bet Drax Shadow is.

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